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Bryan and College Station Chiropractor
Dr. David Bailey

Bryan Chiropractor, Dr. David Bailey

Dr. David Bailey

By Doctor David N. Bailey, DC, MPH

Bailey Health & Wellness Center is near Texas A&M University in the Bryan-College Station area.
My chiropractic clinic practice sees patients for:

  • Spinal and joint care
  • Pain control
  • Weight control
  • Wellness programs
  • Physical fitness programs
  • Hormone balance protocols
  • Applied kinesiology
  • Functional medicine
  • Laboratory testing
  • Vitamin and Supplement store

With my expertise in pain management and human metabolic restoration, I get the privilege of coaching my Bryan and College Station patients into true wellness and, in many cases, saving lives.

It is humbling and fulfilling to see patients experience true wellness I witness miracles every day. Will yours be next?

Find out! Call to arrange a consultation so we can explain how Bailey Health & Wellness Center in Bryan can produce the best results the natural way, without drugs or surgery.

“I can’t put a dollar amount or find the proper words to say how wonderful it is to feel better. When you feel so bad for so long you are almost afraid to believe that you really do feel so well. And, that there are actually professionals out there that care about you and your well being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me!” – J.E.

Brain nutrition

Do you have brain damage from years of poor diets? Find out more…

Dr. David Bailey
Bryan and College Station Chiropractor